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Established in 2006, AgileStyle is a collaborative team led by Ashley and Dana Janssen. We design and build Ruby on Rails websites and applications from Edmonton, Alberta.

Our in-depth process organizes requirements to keep projects on schedule and within budget, and our team consistently delivers top notch code and design.


Featured Portfolio Project

The Enjoy Centre

AgileStyle worked closely with The Enjoy Centre to create a robust custom content management system that was able to create and manage multiple websites from one interface. Designs were also created for The Enjoy Centre and Hole's Greenhouses & Gardens that reflect the atmosphere of the new facility.


Recent Blog Posts

Standing Desks: What Happens When You Give A Web Developer A Drill

With additions of Ben and Ildar (pic and bio are still coming!) to our team over the past few months, AgileStyle has been trying to work out the ideal desk setup for everyone. Both Ben and Ildar mentioned that they were interested in trying out standing desks. We did some research and found that one of the least expensive, but perfectly functional, ways to do this was to build our own using a variety items from Ikea.

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Wireframes: Setting up Your Project for Success

Wireframing/prototyping are excellent tools to help communicate with your client, save time and money, and set your project up for success. Let's explore why!

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Utilizing User Stories to Communicate Project Features

For medium to large scale projects where features lists can be extensive it is vital to the success of your project to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what each feature means. A good way to make sure everyone is on the same page is to create user stories for each feature. Users stories use plain language to describe and break down features.

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Looking Back to Move Forward

The beginning of new year is fun because everyone feels really motivated to make positive changes for the coming year. Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to look back, ask questions, and evaluate what you can do to make this year even better.

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