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AgileStyle is your strategic partner in innovation. We define, build, and support online software solutions for the challenges your organization is facing.

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 An owner-operated business with e-commerce processes not available in traditional packages.

 A professional association that balances cost, benefits, and risks while serving their membership.

 A small business that needs new tools and data to manage their rapid, sustainable growth.

 A startup that provides a method of monetization for social media personalities.

 A non-profit that needs to provide support and training to thousands of people.

 An organization that assists hundreds of family doctors deliver care to their patients.

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A Little About AgileStyle

  • We’re based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but can work with clients throughout North America.

  • We use Ruby on Rails to build our custom software and web applications.

  • Our pricing, communication, and processes are transparent. Our goal is to eliminate surprises and minimize confusion.

  • We practice Minimum Viable Product development (MVP), meaning we want you to invest only the time and capital necessary to reach your goals.

  • We live by our company values and like to work with organizations that share them.

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