Work somewhere that’s supportive

We don’t have any current openings. But if you’re local to Edmonton and want to talk careers, then please reach out by email. No resumes, please!

Ashley Janssen

- Principal, AgileStyle

Why work at AgileStyle?

Balanced Schedule

Consistent hours (9-5). No overtime. No weekends. Paid vacation time. You’ve got a life outside of work, and we respect that.

Casual Culture

Not like, pyjama casual. But still fun. We play board games, grab drinks, and generally like each other. This is a good place to be.

Skill Development

Set your own goals, and be supported in reaching them. We’ll send you to events, and run Build Days for you to work on what you care about.

Great Location

We’re located in Garneau, just east of the University of Alberta. Hipster coffee shops and tasty lunch spots abound.


We keep our fridge and cupboards stocked, and the coffee flows like wine. Want something? We’ll pick it up next time we go shopping.

Health Benefits

Employee health is important to us. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive plan.

Our Values

Build with Passion and Purpose

If we can’t get behind what we produce, we can’t expect our customers to. When we do what we love, it shows in our results. Keeping this in mind will help us leave our mark in the programming world.

Nourish Relationships

Just “getting things done” isn’t enough for us. We want to make a positive impression on every client. This starts (and ends) with building relationships that go beyond email. It also means building an internal culture that values relationship and community-building.

Create our 100% Environment

We can’t deliver the best if we aren’t at our best. That’s why we keep our workplace casual, flexible, and overtime-free. We want employees, as well as potential hires, to want to come to the office every day, and not just for the paycheque.

Innovate Always and in All Ways

To innovate, we must be willing to take risks. We are creating an environment where our team can feel safe to do so. Reflecting on and refining our workflow gives us the opportunity to work smarter and build better products.

AgileStyle understood my needs, responded to my questions, and helped me decide on a concept that fit. All of my expectations were exceeded.

Amanda Amyotte

Owner, Vivid Travel